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Thank You from the ConChair

by Ron Blanchett last modified 2007-04-23 21:12

So, I heard there was a con this weekend. And that everyone had a blast.

If you saw the frazzled looking grey haired guy in the tux (Friday) or
the tuxedo shirt (Saturday), that was me.

On the other hand, despite the fact that I knew about most of the
things that went wrong (didn't see the welcome banner? Oops! Somehow
my hangers got misplaced, and it never happened...), these were mostly
things where we were trying to reach a little further, but still did a
great job even if we didn't quite make it.

In fact, despite being at the center of this particular cyclone, it
was a remarkably trouble free and fun con.

And it was great to cut loose a bit on Saturday night. I'd spent the
day schlepping food and pop for the restock. Our consuite staff was
overloaded with our turnout (btw 830 and 850 -- our best turn out
since year two), so I went on the runs to GFS and Costco. Thank you
Garrett for pushing what we calculated was close to a thousand pounds
of beverages (the things you do to amuse yourself while standing in
the checkout line).

But a short nap, and I was able to hit the evening activities. Tommy
Tooney spun some great Jams. Got to hang out with fun and interesting
folks all night long, engage in some debauch, and ended my evening in
what is becoming a tradition for me -- playing with the Chaos Toy
around 5am.

So, if you were at Penguicon and you weren't having a good time, then
you really weren't paying attention. :-)

But anyway, we finally got things cleared out of main suite and back
into the storage cube, and now I'm finally done. We were able to
donate our leftover food to the Ruth Ellis Center in Detroit.

So, to everyone who came out to play with us this weekend, thank you
and we hope you had a great time!

And to everyone who worked their tail feathers off to make this
happen, I am greatly indebted to all of you. I saw Volunteer Sheets
with hours totaling into the 20's. I saw the same people volunteering
at 5am as at 4pm. You folks made this convention happen and run
smoothly. I bow to your dedication and commitment to Penguicon.

And the concom and staff -- some of you were on the ragged edge there
-- you've been working on this, in many cases, since this time last
year, and doing this year on year. I know this marks the last year
for a number of folks involved with the con, so it was good to see so
many new faces working in Consuite and other departments, getting a
taste of how to do the job right for next year. Miracles occurred
this last weekend. And words can't sufficiently express my gratitude
for your work.

Thank you!

John Guest

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