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Welcome, Metro Times Readers! New "Intro To Penguicon" Sessions

by Matt Arnold last modified 2007-04-19 12:23

The Metro Times, a popular free magazine which bills itself as Detroit's weely alternative, plugged Penguicon in the central spread of this week's issue, on stands today.

The article reads as follows:

Friday-Sunday • 20-22
A gathering of hundreds of Linux geeks, gaming fanatics, sci-fi folks and fellow travelers, PenguiCon, is described as “an anarchic hotbed of intelligence and creativity, a geek Woodstock, a true Nerdvana.” Headliners for the fifth annual event include “security guru” — as the Economist dubbed him — Bruce Schneier, nanotech booster Christine Peterson and John W. Campbell Award-winning sci-fi writer Elizabeth Bear. The anime goes nonstop, and the ice cream is made with liquid nitrogen. Don’t forget your light saber. At the Troy Hilton, 550 Crooks, Troy; info at Day rates vary, $45 for the weekend.

Click here to see the Metro Times calendar page which will display the article for a week.

Hey, they quoted me! So yeah, I enjoyed that. Between the article about Penguicon in the Detroit Free Press and this mention, we expect to exceed our already record-breaking attendance figures with hundreds of newcomers. I have put in place two "Intro To Penguicon" sessions, one on Friday from 5:30 to 6:30 PM, and one on Saturday morning from 10:30 to 11 AM, both in Northfield B.

Intro To Penguicon: with Eric S. Raymond, Steve Gutterman, Shay VanZwoll, Aaron Thul, and Rob Landley. You don't have to be familiar with our communities before you arrive! Penguicon welcomes those from many interests and specializes in introducing them to each other for the first time. If you've never been to an all-volunteer not-for-profit science fiction and fantasy convention, or if you don't know the traditions of the software hacker culture, genre fiction readers, parody musicians, Anime "otaku", board gamers, roleplayers, futurists, foodies, folksingers-- our friendly guides will describe the world of geek terminology, answer your questions, and take you on a walking tour.

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