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Schedule On Your Handheld Device

by Matt Arnold last modified 2007-04-20 09:46

Click this news item to get links to the Penguicon 2007 event schedule as a Palm OS application for your handheld computer!

Dean Gahlon, who I know from the Lojban mailing list, makes a regular practice of creating a version of the Worldcon program schedule in a format suitable for use on Palm devices. A number of other cons have used Dean's software to create this type of application, including Boskone, Arisia, Capricon, and Loscon. When Dean saw the schedule for Penguicon, he decided to help out in a similar way by creating an application file and a data file.

Click here to download the Palm Application file: prognotes.prc

Click here to download the Palm Data Base file: penguicon2007.pdb

Click the icons on your desktop of both files to activate your Palm desktop software, then synchronize your device. Both files need to be loaded into in the Palm's main memory (in other words, not on an external memory card). Now you have the equivalent of a pocket program available electronically!

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