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Penguicon Wrap Party

by Jeremy Lance last modified 2007-05-21 18:08

Summary of the combination 5.0 Wrap Party/6.0 Kickoff Party/Board Meeting. Probably not official, but I tried to swear less than normal this time, so that's a start, isn't it? :)

Saturday, I attended the Penguicon 5.0 Wrap/6.0 Kickoff/Board Meeting party, and it was a blast, each of you should have been there!*

First and foremost, I would like to thank our exiting ConChair, phecda, for doing a great job, throwing one hell of a Con, and really helping set the bar for future Penguicons.  More importantly, I want to thank him for throwing the wrap party at his house despite the fact that he was in mid-move!  (Shame on the rest of us... surely we could have moved the weekend or the location or SOMETHING!)

After helping with a bit of the moving, overthesun started firing up the coals in the five(!) grills and putting on the big baked potatoes while twoofdtm helped me prep the hunk-o-beef™ into steaks for grilling.  (Thank you so much Jess, you rule).  While overthesun and I charred up some steaks and vegetarian fare, phecda led the final meeting of Penguicon 5.0.  Some notes:

  • Our numbers are still hazy, but it would appear that we had 850 attendees, give or take a couple.
  • The con actually managed to not take a loss; this means 6.0 starts out with a bit of money in the bank, so it can be that much better!
  • The relationship with the hotel is very good, and both parties are looking forward to another year together.

Following the "Wrap Party", incoming ConChair eoghnved kicked off 6.0 with a somewhat less brief meeting, during which more meat was consumed and more fun was had.  Some highlights:

  • The Penguicon website will be getting a remodel coming soon with more interesting stuff during the "off season", so look for that at
  • We have our first confirmed Guest of Honor, Literary GoH Tamora Pierce, author of the Circle of Magic series of books, The Songs of the Lioness quartet, and numerous other fantasy novels.  Welcome, Tamora!
  • We roped etain into the position of Talent Wrangler, so if you want to be a liaison for a Guest of Honor, she's the gal to contact.  (matt_arnold, eoghnved, or I can put you in touch with her)
  • The first few episodes of the Penguicon 6.0 Podcasts** are nearing completion.  The podcast (or, as I like to call them, PenguiCasts, because I'm a dork) will be released weekly (once they start flowing) starting with:
        I assure you, when they are released, I'll let you know where you can find them.
  • We are still, as always, looking for Staff or Penguins (volunteers).  If you have the desire, contact eoghnved, matt_arnold, or myself (at jer dot lance at gmail).  More information will be released soon regarding the benefits of being Staff or Penguin. (Hint:  They're awesome)
As promised, I did infiltrate the board meeting, prior to which even more beef was consumed.  Even that managed to be quite a bit of fun, despite the lack of quorum and subsequent inability to actually make or pass any motions.  The new guidelines were discussed and revisions were suggested, and a revised weapons policy was presented.

In general, it was a good mix of work and play, and a ludicrous amount of beef was consumed.  In the works right now is a SMOP party that is currently scheduled for this Friday, 25 May.  Details to follow.

* You might ask, "How can I get invited to this sort of thing?"  Get involved!  Really, anybody can come to the vast majority of these events.  Hell, they didn't even kick me out of the board meeting despite my (typically) disruptive presence... but the best way to get invited to the best parties is to sign up to be a Penguin (volunteer) or staff... I'm reasonably sure it's why they tolerate me.

** Podcasts?  What are these podcasts of which you speak?  Thanks in no small part to landley's efforts (and that of others), the majority of our panels were recorded this year.  We will be releasing the recordings of these panels once a week starting soon.  We'd release them more often, but our Communications Monkey, matt_arnold, has developed a resistance to caffeine and whipping.

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