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by Ron Blanchett last modified 2007-05-11 12:15

Penguicon Legal notice


COPYRIGHT NOTICE. Copyright (c) 2003 to 2006 Penguicon, Inc. All rights reserved.
PenguiconTM is a legal trademark of Penguicon, Inc. All rights reserved.

Q: Why is this site copyrighted "all rights reserved" instead of Creative Commons? Isn't that contrary to what you're about?

A: According to most of us, yes. We're working on it. The next version of the site will launch Real Soon Now, and it's got a big old Creative Commons label at the bottom. It's not finished yet, but the testbed is here:


Penguicon, Inc. has made every effort to supply trademark information about company names, products and services mentioned on this website. All third party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Q: What is a trademark? How is it different from copyright?

A: Trademarks differ from copyright in that they help consumers identify the options from which they are choosing. It has nothing to do with just talking about the word or speaking the name! By protecting a word or mark, those who are not that name are not allowed to identify themselves as that word or mark. No one is allowed to confuse the public to think they are getting the same thing.

Q: Please don't tell us you tried to trademark Tux.

A: Of course not. Tux is the public property of everyone, now and forever. Our trademark is for a word, not a logo.

Q: What does it mean to me that you trademarked "Penguicon"?

A: Nothing, unless you have your own convention. Please don't name your own convention "Penguicon" or have "Penguicon" in the name. That's it! You can use the word Penguicon all day long. It's a free country. And in fact, we'd be glad to help you do it! We are pleased to provide Penguicon logos to be used as links to Penguicon's website from your website. Please link to us! For assistance in publicizing Penguicon, please contact communications at penguicon dot org.


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