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by Ron Blanchett last modified 2006-11-08 10:50
We here at Penguicon would like to make communicating with us as easy as posible. In that endevor we have come up with several ways of contacting us.


  • Mailing lists:
  • Penguicon maintains two public mailing list: Penguicon-General and Penguicon-Announce.
    • Penguicon-General: Mailing list for general discussion and inquiries about Penguicon, all list subscribers are welcome to post questions and everyone is welcome to join in any of the discussions. You must be subscribed to the list to post, all list posts from none subscribers are rejected and discarded.
    • Penguion-Announce: Announcement only list used by the Conchair and Minister of Communications to announce Concom meeting dates and other important Con related happenings. This list is a moderated list and only the list moderators are allowed to post or reply to posts. The announcement list is also a low traffic list and only receives approximately 10-20 post per year from the moderators.
        To see the archives of either of these lists please click on one of the list names above.
  • Comments, Suggestions, & Volunteer Forms:
  • Penguicon has now made it easier for everyone to send us comments and suggestions and also to volunteer to help us run the Con.
    Donating your time to help run penguicon can be accomplished via the Volunteer Form.
    You can give us your ideas or a piece of you mind by using the Comments & Suggestion Form.
    Music requests for this years dance can be made via the Dance Request Form.

  • IRC:
  • Penguicon has an IRC channel in the network called #penguicon. Currently no one is here most of the time. We are investigating whether to keep it, lose it, or move it.
  • US Mail:
  • If you would like to contact us via US Mail:
    P.O. Box 1332
    Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1332

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