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They can summon carnivals into existence with the power of their MINDS

by Matt Arnold last modified 2006-09-06 12:05

Time to report the latest additional fascinating and illustrious personages who you can meet at Penguicon 2007!

I haven't blogged yet about who is coming to Penguicon in 2007 so far. Here's a rundown of new faces at Penguicon.

The Guests of honor John Kovalic, Randy Milholland, Bruce Schneier and Christine Peterson you mostly know from our "About Our Guests" page. But yesterday Elizabeth Bear accepted our invitation to be a Guest of Honor! Thank you, Elizabeth Bear fan Yanni Kuznia, for helping us get this guest! Elizabeth Bear is Cambell-award-winning author of the Locus-award-winning Hammered/Scardown/Worldwired science fiction trilogy, The Promethean Age fantasy trilogy, and numerous short stories. She has a very active presence on the web through which she is very involved with her readers.
Elizabeth Bear Homepage.
Livejournal of her writing process.
Discussion group about Worldwired.
Discussion group on The Internet Book Database of Fiction.

Nick Sagan will be attending as a Nifty Guest. Nick is the author of SF novels Idlewild, Edenborn, and Everfree. He is the son of Carl Sagan. Nick spent his teenage years operating The Freehold, an electronic bulletin board system dedicated to role-playing games. See his blog here.

David Louis Edelman is the author of a debut science fiction novel, Infoquake, and is a web programmer. By providing additional background material for his novel on the web, he's exploring a visionary territory of how fiction might be written in a future where text is hypertext. David did a search on MySpace, found my profile and contacted me. He'll fit with Penguicon like a hand in a glove!

Mark Sims, President of Nanorex, Inc, will present about their open-source nanotechnology simulation and CAD design software.

Ethan Watrall, professor of game design at Michigan State University, will give a Storyworld Design Workshop. He has an elaborate plan for this, involving a permanent wiki, and a lot of enthusiasm is building among those who know. I'll give this its own blog post eventually.

Sarah Monette will join us as well. She was a Campbell nominee this year, who writes fantasy, horror, and occasionally science fiction. She has been routed our way thanks to her frequent co-author Elizabeth Bear.

I said this list was about the newcomers, but why not also list some returning program participants? I just now, I mean just now while writing this, got word from Karl Schroeder that he'll make a repeat appearance in 2007. Penguicon's 2004 Gaming Guest of Honor Steve Jackson will return. Blogger and novelist John Scalzi, who won a Campbell win a couple of weeks ago, will definitely be back. I still vividly remember the panels I was on in 2004 with author Sarah Zettel and I'm glad she'll be here. Marshall Newrock will present on "Principles of Debugging". Jeff Lawton will present about Asterisk, the open source telephony software. Michael "Freon" Andaluz will give the Writer's Workshop again. And what Penguicon would be complete without Eric and Kathy Raymond? :)

Let's see, did I cover everything? I'll just have to keep blogging as the programming continues to shape up. Thanks to Anne K.G. Murphy, Penguicon's concom member in charge of guests, for all the invites she's been sending!

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